Rapala Xrap XR04 Fishing Lures in Australia

The long awaited Rapala Xrap XR04 fishing lures have made it into Australia.

These little beauties will most certainly catch a huge variety of fish in the rivers, lakes, bays and inlets.

This brand new release from Rapala lures is an awesome sized lure for Australian Bass, Bream, Trout, Flathead and such a range of other fish as well.

The Size of the Rapala XR04 fishing lure is 4cm and we are stocking a variety of super popular colours. They are a suspending lure with a weight of approximately 2 grams and running depth of 60 centimeters.

Such a life like bait!

Presenting the new Rapala XR04 Fishing Lure!

Check out this youtube clip below. It is of their slightly larger brothers the XR06 however you will get a great idea of just how these lures work and how they will be deadly and a must for your fishing lure box.

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