Pakula Lure Choice.

Have you been wondering what trolling lures will work best for you, What colours and sizes to choose?

Well you need to see these youtube video clips. Peter Pakula of Pakula lures has finally come up with a short documentary on lure choice. By watching these Clips you will benefit from a whole heap of tips and tricks to help you catch more fish.

We also sell Pakula lures in our online fishing store and they have been the best selling brand of game fishing lures that we have ever had in stock. We have sold hundreds upon hundreds of Peter Pakula’s Pakula Lures.

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NSW Boating Laws PFD Lifejackets

NSW Lifejacket laws will be strengthened this November 2010.

Make sure you are complaint before this time to ensure you have the gear you need in case there is a life jacket shortage just as there was when the Epirb laws were strengthened.

Make sure you have a read of this article about the new Lifejacket laws on the NSW maritime Website. This article about the new lifejacket laws that are to be introduced this November will bring you up to speed on the changes.

Lifejacket PFD Type 1 are available for purchase through our website and can be delivered direct to you. This is the page in our online fishing store: