Sun Protection – Beach Shade Shelters- Beach Tents – Sun Cream

Sun protection is so important these days. We all know that the sun can cause sun burn and can cause skin cancer, Melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

Make sure you are well protected from the sun’s harmful effects this summer.

When you plan your next trip to the beach our a fun day in the outdoors consider these sun protection products

* Sun Cream –  Is an important and easy way to protect yourself from sun burn. We recommend SolRX Waterblock sun cream products. One Highly recommended package we have in our online store is the  SolRX Travel Suncare pack includes. 1x 120ml 30+ 4 hour water sunblock sunscreen, 20ml Lip/Nose Protection and a 120ml tube of Aloe After Sun gel. A fabulous product package to take to the beach or any outdoor activity.

* Vented UV – Sun Protection Vented Shirts.  Shimano Have a range of Vented shirts with UV protection. Great for a day in the sun outdoors. These UV shirts have been a huge hit for our online mail order business and are very affordable.

* Polarised sunglasses – Sun can cause damage to your eyes including cataracts. It is a good idea to get yourself a good quality pair of sunglasses. Brands such as Spotters sunglasses which are Australian made and Uglyfish sunglasses are brands that our online mail order store recommends. Polarsised sunglasses also cut glare which when fishing helps with viability under the water

Beach Tents and beach shelters – Definitely a must for the beach. Our online mail order fishing store recommends the up in seconds down in seconds beach shade shelters. They are so quick and easy to use.