Shimano Lucanus Jig Fishing Lures – Lucanus Jigging System

Shimano Lucanus Jig’s Fishing Lures have been around for a short period of time now and some of you may be familiar with them from what you have seen on TV on the Fishing show’s.

Shimano Lucanus Jigs have become increasingly popular over recent months due to their great success on catching fish!

The Lucanus Jig System from Shimano is an exciting new approach to catching fish. Fish are literally hooking themselves – using a technique that can be very slow in method but very hot on action!
With a large glowing eye and alien-like appearance, the Lucanus Jig has been deadly on many bottom and mid-water species, West Australian Dhufish, Yellowtail Kingfish to even thumper Snapper and thats just naming a few of the many many fish Species that can be caught using the Shimano Lucanus Jig Fishing Lures

The range of Shimano lucanus jig fishing lures conisist of a variety of six popular colours and the Shimano Lucanus Jigs are also available in several weights.

To compliment the new range of Jigs, Shimano produced a reel ideal for fishing the Lucanus jigs to the max. Shimano Calcutta CTR400LVJ Lucanus Jig Version Fishing Reel Which features a 5.0:1 High Efficiency Gearing system complimented by 7 super smooth anti-rust ball bearings and an adjustable oversized handle shank. The reel also features Shimano’s variable brake system and Quickfire II clutch bar casting system.

A Nice snapper caught on A Shimano Lucanus Jig!

There are also a few other styles of Jigs available on the market some which we have for sale in our online fishing store.

You Can purchase Shimano Lucanus Jigs and other Jigs in Our online fishing store by clicking HERE. The Shimano Lucanus Jigs are located further down the category page. make sure you add a few Shimano Lucanus jigs in your tackle box today!