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Jet Tent is an amazing range of innovative tents created by Oztent. We are delighted to say that we stock these stunning tents here at the Fishing Tackle Shop. Each and every tent from the range is an innovative design marvel. Your perfect option is waiting amongst the six Jet Tents available below.

Innovative Shared Features

But before we dive into them individually, first we need to tell you about the innovative features present in every Jet Tent. Oztent strives to display innovation at every turn in the development of these tents. Here are the stunning results:

  • Oztent’s patent-pending auto lock/release mechanism allows for the external aluminium frame to set up in mere minutes, leaving you more time to relax with friends and family. This is a quick setup tent as well as quick pack up tent.
  • Every Jet Tent is 100% waterproof because of the rip-stop polycotton canvas, PVC tub flooring, corrosion-resistant parts, fully taped and double-stitched seams, and attachable rain fly. Forget about rain wreaking havoc your next trip.
  • Superior ventilation is achieved with the extra-large windows. And that doesn’t have to be at the expense of letting in insects. All of the Jet Tents possess unrivaled mesh screens to keep out flying beasts.
  • Attachable elements like the front awning, fly and panels will let you adjust the Jet Tent to meet your exact needs. Start camping without compromise when you buy an Oztent Jet Tent.
  • We sell every Jet Tent complete with Tent pegs, poles, fly, and a waterproof carry bag with web handles that can be adjusted. These are the little things that will add a lot to your Jet Tent.


Jet Tent F-21 (See this tent)

Weighing in at 20.3kg, this is the lightest of the Jet Tents. But don’t let its weight fool you, as the F-21 can sleep up to four people comfortably. The 2.2m height will ensure that even the tallest of campers don’t have to stoop.

Jet Tent F-25  (See this tent)

The F-25 is second in the Jet Tent range and also the highest seller. Ground dimensions of 2.5m x 2.5m allow for five people to share the F-25. The increased size of the tent only takes its weight up to an impressive 25kg.

Jet Tent F-30 See this tent

Number three in the range is the F-30, and what distinguishes it from the F-25 are ground dimensions of 3m x 3m and a sleeping capacity of six. What is amazing is how portable this large tent is, with the weight only climbing to 27kg.

Jet Tent F-25X  (See This Tent)

This is the upgraded version from the best-selling F-25. Now you can sleep up to seven people thanks to the pull-out extension chamber sized at 2.5m x 1.8m. The extra space is perfect for additional guests or for storing your camping gear.

Jet Tent F-30X (See this tent)

The F-30X is a similar upgrade to the F-25X, except this time the pull-out extension chamber features dimensions of 3m x 1.8m. As a result, the F-30X can sleep up to eight campers in its spacious confines. There is also an internal divider for when privacy is needed.

Jet Tent F-25DX  (See this tent)

Now we can introduce you to the largest tent in the range. This huge tent features not one but two pull-out extensions – both sized at 2.5m x 1.8m. All of that wonderful extra space allows for ten people to share the F-25DX, which basically makes it the mansion of tents.

The Perfect Tent

Oztent has firmly asserted its position as one of the best tent makers in the world – not just in Australia. The Jet Tents are large tents that can be transported and assembled with stunning simplicity. These camping tents are ready to face all weather conditions, warm and cold alike. Jet Tents are the epitome of design excellence and outstanding materials. You owe it yourself to have a tent that will constantly amaze you. Stop compromising and start camping with our range of Oztent Jet Tents.