Berkley Gulp Crabby Fishing Lures – Bream Fishing Lures

Berkley Gulp Crabby Fishing Lures – Bream Fishing Lures

Bream Fisho’s get excited as the Berkley Gulp Crabby fishing lures have now hit our ONLINE FISHING STORE – CHECK THEM OUT

Gulp Crabby Fishing lures have been introduced into Australia and with a very warm welcome by the Bream fishing enthusiast.

Berkley Gulp Crabby Fishing Lures are a soft lure developed in Australia with a unique crabby shape. Its design boasts of a belly keel which resists spinning on retrieve of the lure and also makes great performance with a flat free fall.

The Berkley Gulp Crabby Fishing Lure will excel when fishing vertical structure such as boat hulls, pontoons and rock walls.

The Gulp Crabby was designed to imitate a crab of yabby. Gulp Crabby boasts impressive looks and is coupled with the famous Gulp scent

The Most important feature of the new Gulp Crabby fishing lures though has to be the ‘keeled’ belly that helps to keep it tracking straight on retrieve allowing the swimmers, legs and claws to flutter enticingly.

Flick the Gulp crabby fishing lure up against a boat hull or rock wall and watch it free-fall horizontally into the depths with its appendages fluttering on the way down and hang on!

If you are into bream fishing then you have to try the Gulp Crabby fishing lures.

Bream will love to eat these fantastic looking Gulp Crabby lures.

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